Saturday, June 9, 2007

Painting Prince Jerome Bonaparte for the battle of Waterloo

In order to celebrate my blogg I thought what a better way than a tutorial so here is a tutorial of how I painted for display Jerome Bonaparte of Perry Miniatures.

After having cleared the figure from any mould lines and washed it with an old toothbrush and warm soapy water I mounted it on a “cavalry stand” I primed it with mat black (Humbrol’s Mat 33) in two thin coats.
A small suggestion at this point: let the paint in the tin settle and use only the thick part mixed with white spirit at a ratio of 30%/70% paint to white spirit, this will give you a perfect mat result.
(I would like to thank Mr Kevin Dallimore for searing this advise with us among others. As you will discover as I move on, my approach on the mater isn’t far from his after all I learned painting figures by studying his work from pictures in Wargames Illustrated)


The first thing I paint on the figure is the face this is the most important part because I believe that this is the first we look on others (most of us at least) so I start painting the eyes with White with a touch of Basic Flesh. I use GW white for this as it has good coverage and opacity in small amounts. Painting correct eyes is one of the hardest parts in miniature painting and only thought try and error, most of the times, can be achieved if you are not satisfied you can always try to correct with a little black


The next to paint are the iris here painted with Chocolate Brown.

Been satisfied with the eyes now I can move on painting the face.
Usually in the past I would use Foundry’s Flesh with the addition of WF Spearshaft A but for this figure I wanted something different so I mixed my own paints.
For the deepest shadow (DS) I mixed Mahogany Sand and Orange Brown (approximately 60/40%) with a touch of English Uniform.
For the middle tone (MT) I mixed Beige Red and Orange Brown (approximately 60/40%) with a touch of English Uniform.
And for my furthest highlight (FH) I used Basic Flesh.
Having prepared my three basic tones I started by applying the first one DS in two or three layers to most of the face leaving a very five black line around the eyes and a line for the mouth.
I use what most painters call “layering” starting from the deepest shadow in order to achieve this correctly you have to keep your paint fairly thinned and try to avoid “building up” and all those things are better described by Mr. Fuentes here:

While the first tone was drying I prepared the second one mixing DS with MT at a ratio of approximately 50/50% and applied it covering most of the previous tone except from the places where the deepest shadow occur as you can see on the picture above.


The third tone was my middle tone


For the first highlight I mixed MD and Basic Flesh at a ratio of approximately 70/30% and applied it to the most prominent parts of the face


For the second highlight I added more Basic Flesh to the previous tone so the ratio became approximately 30/70% MD to Basic Flesh


The third and final highlight was pure Basic Flesh applied to just really high points of the face.
At this point I realized that one iris was bigger than the other so I fixed it


In order to paint the lower lip I added a little Scarlet to my MT (this mixture would later be used as “glaze”) and applied it, this was highlighted by adding some Basic Flesh.
As I mentioned before I created a glaze by adding just a touch of the colour into water and applied it on the shadows of the cheek bones and finally another glaze this time of black paint was used in order to paint the “five o clock” shadow.

The paints I have used are
VMC 846 Mahogany Sand
VMC 981 Orange Brown
VMC 804 Beige Red
VMC 872 Chocolate Brown
GW White

GW Black

thank you for now



El Grego said...

I saw your post on Steve Dean's forum... looks great! Painting skin is the one part of a figure that scares me the most, so having a detailed step-by-step presentation (with pics) is a godsend for me. Thanks!


Bill T said...

Excellent stuff George. More please! I'll tell you when to stop. ;o)

ghpainting said...

thank you Greg and Bill

seansdaddy said...

superb George, keep them coming please,

Good Luck


DwarfMan said...

Wonderful! I like the subtle skin tones...

ghpainting said...

thank you more soon

Ingo said...

Absolutely stunning. Love your faces painting style!

theunssens_luc said...

Just recently discovered this blog, but wow! Some quality painting and a real inspiration. Probably you had endless request about more tutorials, but I would love to know how you paint the gold?

Fabrizio said...

Hi George, i love you paint style.

Please if possible, i have a question: how you paint the gold?