Monday, February 8, 2016

MG Gunner (part1)

As i've already mentioned the next figure i'll work is an MG gunner in an advancing pose.
It took me a while to find the correct placement of the upper torso and hands and involved lots of cutting, twisting and shaving.

 photo 20160208_095420-1.jpg

 photo 20160208_095407-1.jpg

 photo 20160208_095349-1.jpg

 photo 20160208_095333-1.jpg

The pose was losely based on this picture.

 photo 10750277_896027393750569_8119067974206925355_o-1.jpg

Now it'time for some putty work.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

OSTPREUSSEN 194X (Part Three)

The third German i wanted to be an officer so i searched the net for inspiration and i found these two.

A Tom Meyer sculpt for Fox Miniatures (unfortunately never published).

 photo soldier.jpg

And a simple but very efective conversion of a Britannia miniature made by Rob (sorry i don' know his last name) aka panzerfaust200 an esteemed member of  "the guild" forum (

 photo 41d06d1faa9c43820c2b0b4388673947-1.jpg

So after some playing around with hands i came up with this pose:

 photo 20160128_192135-1.jpg

From the beginning i had desided that he would be most experienced of the lot as so he would wear a Palmenmuster camo smoke and an early style peaked cap:

 photo 20160131_195602-1.jpg

 photo 20160131_195627-1.jpg

 photo 20160131_195645-1.jpg

 photo 20160131_195645-1.jpg

I've kept the field gear minimal in order not to interfere with the painting of the complex camo pattern.

Here he is painted:

 photo 20160204_134205-1.jpg

 photo 20160204_134150-1.jpg

 photo 20160204_134130-1.jpg

 photo 20160204_134118-1.jpg

 photo 20160204_134103-1.jpg

This post brings my blog up to date with what i have done so far.
The next figure, an MG gunner, is under the butchers knife at the moment so stay tuned...



Ostpreussen 194X is the name of my new project, it will cover my adventures at the eastern front.
And by adventures i don't mean conersions of figures only, they will also include scratchbuilding of houses, trees
frankly everything that a good gaming table needs.

The second German is posed as firing his STG44. I have tried to depict him as wearing a zeltbahn over his greatcoat a common use in 44 or 45.

The figure started like this:

 photo 20160115_073923-1.jpg

And after some putty work became this:

 photo 20160120_151031-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151046-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151100-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151114-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151131-1.jpg

Now the figure looks like this, waiting to be based.

 photo 20160126_185719-1.jpg

 photo 20160126_185740-1_2.jpg

 photo 20160126_185757-1_1.jpg

 photo 20160126_185811-1.jpg

 photo 20160126_185825-1.jpg

Next post a German Officer.


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Back Again

It has been far too long since my last post life prevented me from having something finished to  share with you.

So firstly i would like to thank all of you who have visited my blog over the years of abandonment.

My new adventure in the world of miniatures started just before christmas
with my visit to our local club (after i don't remember how much time)
There on a table of Bolt Action i was introduced to Warlords plastic figures.
Immediately i realized their potentials for conversions. After a little search at local stores i was able to purchase one box of panzergrenadiers and ... found my mojo back.

The first German:

A simple conversion in order to change the way zeltbahn was worn and adding some minor details.

 photo 20160112_195130-1.jpg

 photo 20160112_195144-1.jpg

 photo 20160112_195159-1.jpg

 photo 20160112_195214-1.jpg

And painted:

 photo 20160115_193122-1.jpg

 photo 20160115_193146-1.jpg

 photo 20160115_193217-1.jpg

 photo 20160115_193231-1.jpg

That's it  for now.
Two more Germans in the next post
Best regards