Sunday, February 7, 2016


Ostpreussen 194X is the name of my new project, it will cover my adventures at the eastern front.
And by adventures i don't mean conersions of figures only, they will also include scratchbuilding of houses, trees
frankly everything that a good gaming table needs.

The second German is posed as firing his STG44. I have tried to depict him as wearing a zeltbahn over his greatcoat a common use in 44 or 45.

The figure started like this:

 photo 20160115_073923-1.jpg

And after some putty work became this:

 photo 20160120_151031-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151046-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151100-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151114-1.jpg

 photo 20160120_151131-1.jpg

Now the figure looks like this, waiting to be based.

 photo 20160126_185719-1.jpg

 photo 20160126_185740-1_2.jpg

 photo 20160126_185757-1_1.jpg

 photo 20160126_185811-1.jpg

 photo 20160126_185825-1.jpg

Next post a German Officer.


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