Monday, February 6, 2017

5th NY Zouaves Reg. (Part 4)

The work on the 28mm plastic zouaves from Perry Miniatures continues with three more Zouaves to fill in the ranks.

The first one:

 photo 20170206_113335-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113348-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113400-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113412-1.jpg

The second one:

 photo 20170206_113436-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113455-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113506-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113519-1.jpg

And the third one:

 photo 20170206_113545-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113555-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113606-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113617-1.jpg

More to come soon.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5th NY Zouaves (Part 3)

Two more figures from the excellent 28mm plastic zouaves box set from Perrys are finished and ready to join the ranks.

The first is the drumboy.

With no ref about the drumboys of the 5th reg. i ve decided to base mine on a photo i found on the net of a drumboy of the 165th zouaves reg

The drumboy.

 photo 20170201_154204-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154150-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154137-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154123-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154109-1.jpg

I m very pleased with the final result.

The second one is a regular.

 photo 20170201_154230-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154242-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154302-1.jpg

 photo 20170201_154316-1.jpg

Four finished thirty two to go...


Saturday, January 28, 2017

5th NY Zouaves (Part 2)

Here is the second figure i ve managed to finish today.
The plan is to create a 36 figures Regiment and allthought one third of them are nearly painted i finish them individualy.

 photo 20170127_215221-1.jpg

 photo 20170127_215237-1.jpg

 photo 20170127_215253-1.jpg

 photo 20170127_215307-1.jpg


Thursday, January 26, 2017

5th New York Zouaves (PART 1)

Anerican Civil War always have been one of my favoured periods of military history.
In tha past i was somehow reluctand in having to paint "Big Battalions" but this changed just before Christmas when i was introdused to a Black Powder ACW game at our local club and saw the beauty of them.
I was fortunate to find a box of Perry's plastic zouaves at a local store so i didn't had to wait for Santa.
The plan was to paint them in a tabletop standard but things don't always go as planned...

One finnished ,thirty five to do so stay tuned...