Monday, February 6, 2017

5th NY Zouaves Reg. (Part 4)

The work on the 28mm plastic zouaves from Perry Miniatures continues with three more Zouaves to fill in the ranks.

The first one:

 photo 20170206_113335-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113348-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113400-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113412-1.jpg

The second one:

 photo 20170206_113436-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113455-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113506-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113519-1.jpg

And the third one:

 photo 20170206_113545-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113555-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113606-1.jpg

 photo 20170206_113617-1.jpg

More to come soon.


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