Monday, February 8, 2016

MG Gunner (part1)

As i've already mentioned the next figure i'll work is an MG gunner in an advancing pose.
It took me a while to find the correct placement of the upper torso and hands and involved lots of cutting, twisting and shaving.

 photo 20160208_095420-1.jpg

 photo 20160208_095407-1.jpg

 photo 20160208_095349-1.jpg

 photo 20160208_095333-1.jpg

The pose was losely based on this picture.

 photo 10750277_896027393750569_8119067974206925355_o-1.jpg

Now it'time for some putty work.



Thomas Stoesser said...

Again, very promising start. I am sure you'll do another exceptional job with this one. :)
By the way, where in Greece are you based? Crete by any chance? I go there almost every year for a week or two.

ghpainting said...

No Thomas i dont live in Crete. But if you make a stop in Athens on your way to or from Crete i ll be more than happy to meet you.