Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here are the latest photos, things are moving slowly on this one since I m mostly trying to finish my first sculpting commission.

A Closer look on his face




Anonymous said...

That's great work! Can I ask what paints you used?

ghpainting said...

Thank you, I have used mostly Vallejo Model colors but if you referring to the face check my first post.

Webmaster of said...

George, you are not human ;)

The face is absolutley stunning! Thumbs up

Bill T said...

Yup! I have to agree that the face is stunning. Very well done George. Is it going on ebay?

ghpainting said...

thank you Bill, yes it's for ebay if i find time to finish him since sculpting takes all of my time at the moment.

Dark Tower said...

Great minis! Your Blog is big inspiration for me, as beginning painter. I can't wait your new works!