Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WIP Fallschrimjager Squad from Crete to Leningrad

As I had finished the three Generals I was looking for a new project of a unit this time. I had started painting a unit of Cretan archers because I wanted something simple but painting just flesh and black was to simple so as I was searching my boxes of metal I found out that I had some Foundry’s German Fallschrimjagers, enough to create a squad, and a far more interesting subject don’t you agree? So a new project started on Friday and this is what I have done so far, I have finished all the flesh and the grey green trousers, some hands were left to be painted with black gloves.

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tankred said...

These faces are really outstanding. They look really really impressive. I need to analyse your style and your tutorial carefully. I am looking forward to your splinter camo.