Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fallshirmjager Squad Finished

I finally found the time to finish and publish the photos of the finished Fallschirmjager Squad so I have created a new Gallery for them hopefully in the future I will be able to add more Fallschirmjager squads from other WWII theatres where the Fallschrimjagers had fought.
I hope you’ll enjoy them.



Bill T said...

George these are truly fantastic miniatures! I'm speachless!!

ghpainting said...

thank you Bill

Mike said...

Stunning. Great to see them finished and based. Thanks George.

Mike Siggins

ghpainting said...

Thank you Mike

worrywort said...

Hello you have make a great job about this para.

Can you explain step by step your paintwork about them ?

I have some fallschirmjäger at home and I'm really desesperate with them.

So desesperate that I wonder if I'll sale them...