Monday, March 21, 2016

Tiger I (Part 2)

Done a little more research on the "last Tiger in Berlin" and found out that this particular vehicle was build around March or April 1943.
The second picture in my previous post  shows what i believe to be TWO holder  for the spear track links on the loaders turret side. Plasing it in late April acording to Jentz and Doyle:
This ment that i had to do more work in order to have a late April build Tiger, especialy on the engine deck.

Started with the rear ventilation screens, from early April 43 these changed from two differt (cast as mirror-images) to two of the same ( left side screen).
Another change was the new triangular plate (on the middle plate of the engine compartment) instead of the screwed one.

 photo 20160315_153454-1.jpg

 photo 20160315_155040-1.jpg

As i was checking for the correct angles for the mountings of the Fiefel filters i managed to break the dumn thing so desided to improve them too. Now i have to fill the gups with some putty.

Finally i finiched the exhausts by plasing the uper covers and made the base for the track tool box from aluminum foil.

 photo 20160316_141832-1.jpg

Next time i will have finished the hull modifications and move to the turet (hopefully) but in between i will try to finish painting two figures of another era that i have unfinished for so long.